Can I use OctoPrint from anywhere?

Can I use OctoPrint from anywhere?

You can now log into OctoPrint Anywhere from your phone by visiting The basic interface here allows you to mission-critical the basic OctoPrint controls, including: Pause and stop prints.

Can you use OctoPrint without WIFI?

With a little bit of work upfront, you can tell your Pi to start a Wi-Fi hotspot when it can connect to none Wi-Fi networks. Now you can connect to OctoPrint anywhere and get your 3D printer to work — even there is no Wi-Fi whatsoever.

Can you use OctoPrint without a Raspberry Pi?

Why Do It? OctoPrint is a piece of open-source software that can be used to remotely control and monitor your 3D printer. Although not the traditional installation route, you don’t need to have a Raspberry Pi or use Linux in order to host OctoPrint on your home network.

What do I need to run OctoPrint?

To use OctoPrint, you’ll need a 3d printer. The server needs to be installed on a computer, often Raspberry Pi. You’ll need a 4GB minimum SD card for the installation.

What port is OctoPrint?

The OctoPrint server is still accessible locally from the port 5000 (in addition to the port 80 if you have installed haproxy)

How do I access my OctoPrint locally?

Type in “http://octopi.local” (or the IP address assigned by your router to the Pi) on any browser. Make sure your computer is connected to the same network as the Pi. You should see the OctoPrint interface and a setup wizard pop up. Follow along, and be sure to set up a username and password for OctoPrint.

How do I connect to my octopi local?

Can you connect to octopi.local only by IP?

Can’t connect on octopi.local, only directly by IP. Didn’t use octopi for a couple of months and when I tried again I couldn’t connect to the webpage using the address “octopi.local”. I CAN connect directly by looking up its IP on my routers connections.

Can you use octopi on a Mac without Bonjour?

Normally, I access is via a Mac, which comes with Bonjour installed, so using octopi.local works with no further hassle.

Which is the best way to update the octopi disctribution?

Use apt-get to update and upgrade the OctoPi disCtribution To configure OctoPrint, just point your browser at OctoPi.local — If you changed the host name in the previous step, then use then use .local– usually this works in Safari. Other browsers may require the IP address.

How to fix octopi on a Windows Pi?

The simplest fix for this IMO is to install Samba on your Pi by doing this: You don’t have to add any shares or configure anything, but the Windows devices on your network will then be able to ping it or connect to http://octopi in your web browser.