How do I adjust the height of my BLTouch?

How do I adjust the height of my BLTouch?

The way to physically adjust the BLTouch height is through the screws mounting it to the bracket attached to the extruder. Tightening the screws will raise the BLTouch and loosening them will lower it. One full turn with a screw driver will be about a 0.3 mm change in the z-offset.

How low should BLTouch be?

When installed correctly it should be closer to 2mm. The BLTouch instructions say that it should be installed so that the base of the probe body should be 8mm above the nozzle tip. The dive height of 2.5mm is a little low. Start with 5mm to start with.

Where does the nozzle go on a bltouch printer?

6) If all goes well, your printer should home in the X direction, followed by the Y direction and then your probe should head to the middle of the bed and your nozzle will start going towards your bed.

Why does my Marlin bltouch probing fail intermittently?

On second thoughts, it seems that it now fails inconsistently, so it is probably a wiring issue, although there is still the issue of it not retracting before printing and not leveling well when it does (although those issues would be more appropriate for a separate question), among other things.

Why does bltouch Smart Set nozzle too high off bed?

If i trick it by placing something under the probe before it fails, it continues moving to the x axis but rams the xmax extrusion since it thought the middle was point 0. In any case G29 either fails to reach the bed or reaches it but does not retract, both case sends it into an error.

How do you adjust the probe on a bltouch printer?

While the printer is printing the skirt, you will adjust the Z Probe Offset. You can do that by navigating to Configuration -> Probe Z offset -> Turn clockwise to move the nozzle higher and anti-clockwise to move the nozzle lower. At the correct nozzle height, your filament coming out of the nozzle will achieve a very nice squish .