How do I change the settings on my Bltouch Z offset?

How do I change the settings on my Bltouch Z offset?

  1. Control > Restore failsafe (start with default settings if first installation)
  2. Prepare > Auto home.
  3. Prepare > Move axis > Move 0.1mm > Move Z.
  4. Control > Motion > Z offset and enter the value obtained above e.g. -1.4 in this example.
  5. Control > Store memory.

How do you set Z offset Bltouch OctoPrint?

Put it in the middle of your bed.

  1. Make sure that you’re in absolute mode for the motors.
  2. Use G0 X60 Y60 Z120 # or whatever command would move to the center.
  3. Use G0 Z100 # to move it down 20mm.
  4. Alternately, use the OctoPrint -> Control -> jog buttons for Z (making sure to set the increment)

How to set the z offset on a bltouch?

Setting the z-offset used to be the most challenging part of installing a BLTouch, but BTT made the process much more manageable by building a Z-Offset Wizard into their touch screens. Utilizing the Z-Offset Wizard combined with babystepping gives you the ability to quickly and easily set your z-offset in a fraction of the time.

Is the bigtreetech touch screen z-offset Wizard correct?

If it’s not done correctly, you will end up with first layer issues and probably many failed prints. That said, BIGTREETECH (or BTT) built a z-offset wizard into their touch screen panels to help make the process much easier and, combined with babystepping, allows you to dial in your z-offset properly.

What happens if you change the logic on a bltouch?

A change in logic to the mainboard will indicate “something has triggered”. Without a change in logic, the BLtouch cannot work as required. More on that later. Have a good sense of where the wires are by now? Great, let’s move on to the actual wiring of the BLtouch to the main board.

How to set up the z offset Wizard?

Here are the steps to set up and use the Probe Offset, aka Z-Offset, Wizard. Kick-Off Test Print and Use Babystepping to Make Adjustments *This process assumes you are using the Marlin 2.x firmware.