How do I remove Bowden coupler?

How do I remove Bowden coupler?

How to clean the Bowden tube

  1. Tip: Pay attention to the orientation of the first Bowden tube when removed from the printer.
  2. Remove the material from your Ultimaker.
  3. Remove the clamp clips from both sides of the Bowden tube.
  4. Loosen the Bowden tube by pressing the tube coupling collet and pull the Bowden tube out.

How do you get PLA out of the tube?

Heat the tube from the outside with a hairdryer /hot air gun. If you dont have it or haitdryer not hot enough, soak outside of tube in boiling water, when pla is soft inside push it out with new PLA.

Do I need to remove old Teflon tape?

Remove old pluming tape from threads (Teflon tape/ plumbers tape… It is not critical to remove every bit of tape. If you feel you need to you could lightly use a wire brush, you don’t want to mess up the threads in the process.) Apply new plumbing tape, one layer over the threads.

What to do if your Bowden tube coupling is stuck?

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What causes filament to get stuck in a Bowden tube?

The main cause of filament breaking and getting stuck in Bowden tubes is brittle filament. Some filaments, like PLA, tend to become brittle after they absorb too much moisture from the surrounding air. Leaving filament out for a long time without using it gives it ample opportunity to absorb moisture.

What happens if you get stuck in PTFE tubing?

Whether it is broken filament in a Bowden tube or a clogged piece of filament stuck in the PTFE tube of the hotend, it must be dealt with before you can continue printing. Luckily, solving this problem is not very hard. Manually cleaning out the tubing is usually enough to make the 3D printer operational again.

What causes filament to get stuck in a hotend?

One of the most common causes of filament getting stuck in a hotend is a PTFE tube that does not reach all the way to the heatbreak or nozzle. This creates a gap that filament can melt and expand into. When this happens, the molten filament can cool down into a blob that prevents the filament from moving further.