How do I stop my 3d printer from jamming?

How do I stop my 3d printer from jamming?

To easy options:

  1. A lot of PLA jamming issues have been fixed by people “seasoning” the nozzle.
  2. how old is your filament / how long has it been exposed to air?
  3. check your extruder tension – remove the filament from the hot end, and try moving the extruder – use your software and also try bu hand.

Why does filament curl up?

The curling usually happens if there isn’t enough filament coming from the nozzle to ‘beat’ the fans & shrinking properties of the material (eg; if enough material is extruded, gravity pulls it down enough).

Can you feed filament to a TEVO tarantula controller?

Keep in mind the controller will not allow you to feed filament with the extruder until the hotend is heated up to at least 150 celcius. Ensure your board is wired up correctly. It is recommended to plug the fan for the hotend into the 12V power supply, rather than into the 12V in on this board.

What should the jerk settings be on a TEVO tarantula?

You will want to change Accel to 800 and change all the jerk settings but the z to 8.0. Again do not change the z axis. This seems to be a good starting point for our printers. Go to Prepare and select Prepare PLA..or ABS. PLA is preferred first. Ensure that everything gets up to temperature. Settings may vary on your filament.

What’s the best way to feed a tarantula?

Try to bend the filament for the few inches into the roll, and make sure it doesn’t snap. If it does snap, keep going further down the roll until it bends. To make loading filament easier, it’s recommended you take a pair of side-cutters and cut the filament at an angle. Feed it up until it’s in your hot end.

How do I export tevo tarantula to SD card?

Open the file in your slicer, slice it, and export to an SD card. If you need help using the slicer, YouTube has an abundance of tutorials for all options. It is recommended you don’t use the stock SD card, as it is an unknown size/brand.