How many faces are in the database of faces?

How many faces are in the database of faces?

AT “The Database of Faces” (formerly “The ORL Database of Faces”) Ten different images of each of 40 distinct subjects. For some subjects, the images were taken at different times, varying the lighting, facial expressions (open / closed eyes, smiling / not smiling) and facial details (glasses / no glasses).

How many faces are in the MIT face recognition database?

Included with the image files are “sequence” files; these are short text files that describe the order in which images should be read. The MIT-CBCL face recognition database contains face images of 10 subjects. It provides two training sets: 1. High resolution pictures, including frontal, half-profile and profile view; 2.

Where can I find the faces in the wild database?

CVL Database The Psychological Image Collection at Stirling Labeled Faces in the Wild The MUCT Face Database The Yale Face Database B The Yale Face Database PIE Database The UMIST Face Database Olivetti – Att – ORL The Japanese Female Facial Expression (JAFFE) Database The Human Scan Database The University of Oulu Physics-Based Face Database

How many static images are in the scface database?

Database contains 4160 static images (in visible and infrared spectrum) of 130 subjects. Images from different quality cameras mimic the real-world conditions and enable robust face recognition algorithms testing, emphasizing different law enforcement and surveillance use case scenarios. SCface database is freely available to research community.

How many faces are there in the Ohio State database?

The AR Face Database, The Ohio State University, USA 4,000 color images corresponding to 126 people’s faces (70 men and 56 women). Images feature frontal view faces with different facial expressions, illumination conditions, and occlusions (sun glasses and scarf). The University of Oulu Physics-Based Face Database

Are there 3D models in the face recognition database?

The 3D models are not included in the database. The test set consists of 200 images per subject. We varied the illumination, pose (up to about 30 degrees of rotation in depth) and the background.