What is XY resolution in 3D printing?

What is XY resolution in 3D printing?

Horizontal resolution (XY) – this resolution is also called planar dimension. It is the smallest movement that a 3D printer laser can make within a single layer. The smaller the movement of the laser, the better the details of the 3D model. Vertical resolution (Z) – it is the layer height or layer thickness.

What is the current resolution of 3D printing?

Typical consumer FDM printers have a layer thickness of 0.2 or 0.3 mm. One of the top desktop models at the moment, the Ultimaker 2 (more in All3DP’s review of the Ultimaker 2 Extended), even boasts a vertical resolution of 0.02 mm. SLA printers such as the Form 2 produce layers as thin as 0.025 mm.

How do I change the resolution on my 3D printer?

Despite the nozzle on your 3D printer having a fixed diameter, it is possible to change the layer height by configuring the amount of plastic the extruder pushes through the hot end. In Slic3r, select “Print Settings”, “Layers and perimeters” and tweak the layer height. Easy Peasy.

What is a good micron resolution?

100 microns is considered a good resolution and layer height since the layers are small enough to create layer lines that aren’t too visible. This results in higher quality prints and a smoother surface. It becomes confusing for the user to determine the resolution or layer height that works well for your print.

How big is a form 3 laser printer?

Optics Form 3 Form 2 Laser Power at Print Plane 120 mW 96 mW XY Resolution 25 microns 0.001 in n/a Laser Spot Size 85 microns (0.0033 in) 140 microns (0.0055 in) Laser Wavelength 405 nm wavelength 405 nm wavelength

What does resolution mean for SLA printer XY?

Since layers are drawn with laser SLA technology, the XY resolution determined by the pointing precision of the galvos motors (the mirrors that point the laser), and how finely they can move the laser in each layer (finer than 10microns for Form2 printer).

What is the XY resolution of a DLP printer?

In DLP 3D printing, XY resolution is defined by the pixel size, the smallest feature the projector can reproduce within a single layer. This depends on the resolution of the projector, the most common being full HD (1080p), and its distance from the optical window.

What does resolution mean for a 3D printer?

To even begin to have a conversation about 3D printer resolution, you will have to consider at least two numbers: the minimum feature size of the XY plane and the Z-axis resolution (layer height).