Why is resin sticking to FEP?

Why is resin sticking to FEP?

But if the Fep is worn or too loose or too tight, it may affect the peel force, resulting in the sticking problem. The editing of the part itself, such as improper placement of the angle, hollowing, punching, etc. may result in excessive peel force/separation force, which may also lead to sticking.

When should FEP film be replaced?

The FEP film requires replacement once it becomes bent, deformed, or perforated during printing or operation of the printer. Otherwise, the printer will not produce successful prints. Little scratches and smudges that can appear on the FEP film surface do not influence the printing quality.

How do you clean cloudy FEP?

Fogging/Haze on FEP questions.

  1. Pour a bit of IPA from the cleaning bin into the vat and gently slosh it around for about a minute and then dump back into cleaning bin.
  2. Rinse out with tap water.
  3. Gently blot and wipe out the water with cotton balls.

Why are my 3D prints sticking to FEP?

This led me to do some research and testing to figure out how to fix resin prints sticking to your FEP film, and make sure it sticks to the build plate. To stop your resin 3D prints sticking to the FEP, you should make sure you have enough bottom layers and bottom layer curing time, so it has enough time to harden.

How to repair the FEP film on your 3D printer?

The Edge of the FEP Film has to be trimmed down with a razorblade! Be very carefull, you could accidently hurt yourself or damage the new FEP-Film. Congratulations! Your Vat is ready to be filled again! Take care with your new 3d printer Resin vat and make sure to level your printer again before the next print!

What can I use to stop resin from sticking to FEP film?

Just a few sprays to cover the FEP film, so it can dry and work as a lubricant to stop resin sticking there. A good PTFE spray you can get to prevent resin prints sticking to the FEP film is the CRC Dry PTFE Lubricating Spray from Amazon.

How do you remove a scratched FEP print?

Try not to use scrapers to remove your failed prints, rather you can drain the uncured resin from the resin tank and use your fingers (with gloves on) to push the underside of the FEP film to dislodge the print.